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We developed Guardian Bio-Based TPE Infill as a clean alternative so that municipalities and consumers could feel confident about the infill exposed to their athletes.

Guardian Innovation’s STC Certified TPE Infill has been cooling fields throughout North America since 2016.  This is a bio-based sustainable infill manufactured in the USA. The unique shape of the infill allows for ideal compaction for optimal energy restitution, ball rebound and rotational resistance.  The closed pore system provides a clean install with minimal splash and no added maintenance. The material is intended to last the life of the field, pulled up and recycled for additional use.

We have yet to top-dress a field since 2016. The Class 1 fire rating, flame retardant and dust free features are idyllic for indoor facilities.  Our Rainbow Trout Certification and 1.18 Specific Gravity provide a sense of security in cases of water runoff.  30% air is puffed into each individual pellet for improved GMAX, 1+ meter HIC and reduced abrasion.


The most popular infill for synthetic turf fields is created with crumb rubber (SBR) infill, which is made by grinding up recycled rubber car and truck tires. The rubber granules have been used on sports fields because of their shock absorption and elasticity.  However, rubber is a complex mixture and is made by combining many different components, some of which possess toxic and carcinogenic properties. When the infill sits in the sun, it becomes hot and some of the heavy metals and fillers will leach out and emit toxins into the air.  There has been speculation around whether recycled SBR rubber infill may give off toxins that are harmful to the environment and humans.

We saw the issues with crumb rubber and wanted to provide a solution for consumers to feel confident about the turf infill their athletes are exposed to. We put our scientists to work to create an alternative that’s clean, bio-based, and longer-lasting.  Out of our US lab came our Guardian Bio-Based TPE Infill made with corn and soy oils.

Recommended Systems

Systems Installed:

*Better energy restitution: 2” Pile over Schmitz pad: 5 lbs. sand + 1lb. TPE per square foot
2” Pile over pad: 4 ½ lb. sand + 1 ½ lbs. TPE per square foot
*Higher HIC: 2” Pile over pad: 4 lbs. sand + 2 lbs. TPE per square foot
2” pile without pad: 2 lbs. sand + 5 lbs. TPE per square foot
2 ½” pile with pad: 60/40 ratio of sand + TPE

Top Dressing:

2” Pile: 3 lbs. sand + 2 ½ lbs. SBR + ½ lb. TPE per square foot
2 ¼” Pile: 4 lbs. sand + 3 lbs. SBR + ½ lb. TPE per square foot

Systems in use:

2” pile height:
3# sand, 2.5 # SBR, ½ # TPE

2 ½“ pile height:
4 # sand, 3 # SBR, ½ # TPE


Guardian Turf Infill Benefits

  • Cooling

    Provides temperatures up to 28°F Cooler.

  • Sustainable & Recycled

    Lasts 30+ years on fields. Made with post-industrial, recycled materials.

  • Class 1 Fire Rating

    Fire resistant product.

  • American Made

    Proudly Made & manufactured in the USA.


Our Bio-Based TPE Infill has been third party tested by Firefly, Labosport and Pro Turf Lab in order to maintain our optimal performance and safety standards.  Please tap the button below to access our various evaluations.


Affiliated Fields

Guardian TPE Infill has been installed on fields across the U.S. To view our references and installation photos, tap the button below.

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